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Hummingbirds of North America
The 3rd addition to The Advanced Birding Video Series with Jon l. Dunn

Rich in content! This new addition achieves the high standard you'd expect from the series. Visually striking! A menagerie of colors composed of birds, original paintings, graphics & flowers; often the ecologically important, native flower. Don't expect many feeders though, they've been avoided in favor of natural settings.

  • Allstar team of experts

  • Nesting footage of 17 species

  • 3-D animated range maps

  • 3-D animated display flights

  • Original paintings of spread tails

  • Audio of chip notes and songs

  • Thousands of slow motion, split-screen and stop-action effects

  • Hummingbird identification at it's best

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$34.95 VHS

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DVD & VHS - 2hr 58min

26 Species included in Hummingbirds of North America
• Rufous H. • Anna's H. • Violet-crowned H.
• Allen's H. • Costa's H. • Azure-crowned H.
• Broad-tailed H. • Broad-billed H. • Green Violet-ear
• Calliope H. • Cuban Emerald • Green-breasted Mango
• Bumblebee H. • White-eared H. • Blue-throated H.
• Lucifer H. • Xantus's H. • Amethyst-throated H.
• Bahama Woodstar • Buff-bellied H. • Magnificent H.
• Ruby-throated H. • Beryline H. • Plain-capped Starthroat
• Black-chinned H. • Cinnamon H.  

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