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Arizona/New Mexico
08/20/00 - 09/03/00

Kicked the project off with a two-week trip to SE Arizona. Perfect timing! The summer of 2000 was dry throughout the southwest and huge concentrations of hummingbirds had congregated around the major feeding stations. Twelve species were videotaped in all, including many ages, sexes and plumages.
  Grey Feather Lodge in the Gila Wilderness of SW New Mexico presented a great opportunity to study and film enormous numbers of Broad-tailed, Rufous, Calliope and Black-chinned hummingbirds. Cooperation from Beatty's Miller Canyon Apiary and Orchard Co. was greatly appreciated and what a fabulous place to view and study hummingbirds.
Baja Sur, Mexico
12/24/00 - 12/31/00
Xantus's Hummingbird John and his brother, Bill, filmed at the tip of the Baja Peninsula for Xantus's and Costa's Hummingbird. A very cooperative male Xantus's that took up wintering territory 30 yards from the ocean was the star as you'll see in the video.
Jalisco, Mexico
01/24/01 - 02/05/01
John & Bill spent two weeks in Jalisco, Mexico filming on the Colima Volcano and in the Sierra de Manatlan Bioreserve. Fifteen species of hummingbirds were videotaped including such highlights as Green Violet-ear, Bumblebee, Cinnamon, Beryline and White-eared.
  John feels that the Sierra de Manantlan is one of the most scenic spots in the world. Very birdy! Six species of cats still roam the 1/2 million acre preserve and Crested guans and Long-toed woodpartridges walk the trails.
Arizona & Mexico
03/26/01 - 04/08/01
John worked Anna's, Black-chinned, Costa's and Lucifer in AZ., then drove to Alamos, Sonora in the foothills of the Sierra Madre for the Plain-capped Starthroat. The Starthroats were not very cooperative.
Santa Cruz , CA
04/21/01 - 04/25/01
A quick but very successul trip to Santa Cruz, California for Allen's Hummingbird. Some solid footage including nesting activity and the dive displays of several males, which you'll see in the video.
2001 & 2002
Combing the Front Range of the Rockies for Broad-tailed and the west slope for Black-chinned, ate up much of John and Bill's spare time. Bill Vanderpoel's hummingbird garden is rapidly becoming one of the premier spots to view hummers in Colorado and a lot of footage was shot there. Hope you like the results.

07/01/01 - 07/06/01

Red Lodge, Montana is beautiful in July and a stronghold for Calliope Hummingbirds. Ned & Gigi Batchelder supplied indispensable help! They were critical in getting John situated in the right location. Click the thumbnail to see the results!!!
08/13/01 - 08/21/01
John and his brother Bill returned to Southeastern Arizona, expecting huge numbers of hummingbirds. There certainly weren't the same numbers as the fall of 2000, but at least Blue-throated and Violet-crowned were accomodating. The surprise hummer of the trip? Click the thumnail!
Sinaloa, Mexico
02/18/02 - 02/25/02
Destination? - the legendary Durango Highway just south of Mazatlan. Breathtaking scenery of the Sierra Madres and so many bird species made it difficult to focus on the target species, White-eared Hummingbird. White-eareds were actually abundant in the pine woodlands, including an early nesting female. John spent several days near Carefree, AZ on the tailend of the trip to work female Costa's Hummingbirds.
The Bahamas
03/22/02 - 03/31/02
Bahama Woodstar and Cuban Emerald were the targets. Hey! Somebody had to make this sacrifice, right? Click the photo for more details.
Arizona & Mexico
05/12/01 - 05/17/01
This was the redemption expedition! Plain-capped Starthroats were very hard to come by during the 2001 trip to Alamos, Sonora. When John heard that they were congregating along the Rio Cuchujaqui near Alamos, he jumped in his car and headed south to Tucson, where he was joined by his friend, videographer Don Desjardin from California. The Starthroats were everywhere! Between the two of them you'll see some great footage in the video.
07/03/02 - 07/07/02
Realizing his Magnificent Hummingbird footage was a little weak - John and Linda took a whirlwind four day car trip to Beatty's Cabins in Miller Canyon, AZ. The new "Hawk Watch" viewing area turned out to be excellent for Magnificent Hummingbirds as well as a very cooperative male Lucifer's.
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